Shaking Franchise Profits is all about helping you to “shake” the most out of your franchise business.

We’re here for you!

It makes no difference whether you are a retail franchise with a shop front, a service based franchise with a territory you cover from your car. Shaking Franchise Profits exits to give you the information you need to make your business more profitable and more enjoyable.

We do this by creating this single place where you can access at your own pace and in your own style, every ounce of practical, usable information available to shake the most out of your business.

Our goal is to deliver the most thorough information available from the best people qualified to provide it. And that just does not mean the people with the highest profile in franchising. We seek out people who can help YOU in what YOU do`not just give you broad, regurgitated advice and tips.

We wont be normal, and in fact we will often challenge the norm in an effort to give you what you need to know and
the tools to implement it.

We came about because we just got sick of seeing the same people provide the same information in the same format on all the other websites, books and magazines on franchising.

What We Reckon

We reckon that most people like you who own and work in a franchise don’t have time to sit around and plough through magazines, books and sites looking for the little bits you need to help you. So basically you just go with out it, and so your business is harder and no doubt less profitable to run than it could be.

So we’ve put together a book series, a great website, a mini magazine and so much more to give you information
that is practical, easy to absorb and all in a way that is easy for you to get through, you know broken into chunks of topics or answers to questions to specific problems you have!

We deal in specifics here at Shaking Franchise Profits. We especially wanted to make sure that you had easy access to a whole bunch of information that was produced totally with you in mind ,“ You know you’re the person who buys and try’s to make a living out these businesses.

Sounds like a pretty simple useful plan right? Please do enjoy and we hope you get every bit of help you need right here take care.

P.S. If we aren’t specific enough on something or there is an issue or problem you want to know more about in getting the most out of your franchise business then make sure you let us know at info@shakingfranchiseprofits.com.au