As Featured In ‘My Business Magazine’

I’ve had the great pleasure and good fortune to be featured in this month’s edition of My Business magazine!

For those who aren’t aware, My Business magazine is a monthly publication aimed at business managers and owners with a circulation of 40,000 and a readership of 105,000!

It was just fantastic to see it appear as we actually had a couple of false starts over previous months. The current edition is a great spot for it as it is also the franchise feature edition so I do recommend getting a hold of it.

My Business Magazine Editor, Simon Sharwood and the team saw just how much detail ‘Buying Your Franchise’ contributes to the available knowledge out there to help people through the process of buying their franchise for the best possible result.

So, we put together a decent snapshot of the key points from each of the ten contributors in book 1, Buying Your Franchise to give potential buyers a handful of key points on each of the key topics associated with making the buying of a franchise happen.

The full four-page coverage in My Business has already given Shaking The Profits From Franchising some fantastic attention after only being released for just a few days – so we are certain to be helping potential franchise owners as we speak get closer to their dream of owning their own business….and that’s great!

Thanks again to the team at My Business!

My Business Magazine March 2011

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