Becoming A Successful Franchise Business Owner – What You’re Probably Not Told

I know that your field manager has probably written whole lists of things that you could or should be doing to grow your business.
But the thing is, just like your business, my business, and any business, we all have a whole heap of things we can work on to take it to the next level.
As an example, the book series Shaking The Profits From Franchising so far alone, has 41 chapters, each on a specific aspect of making your franchise a better business! That’s a lot of things you could work on!
So lets start with foundation principles that underpin everything.

What Your Field Manager Probably Won’t Tell You

Put simply, the biggest impact on your chances of success are how well you leverage and take advantage of the resource of your field support manager. This is your foundation for success. They are your daily contact with your franchisor so a lot hinges on how well you have their ‘buy in’.
This is a different take on it for many people, as everyone always wants to talk about field managers trying to get franchise owner’s to buy in, and that this is the key to growing a franchise business.
Not true – its your business, you drive it and you’re steering the ship. What’s all this talk about trying to get your ‘buy in’? You bought into the brand and the system so you should be well and truly ‘in’ – if not, its best you get out.
But that’s a whole other story.

A Formula For Leveraging Maximum Value From Your Field Manager

Field Manager Max Value To You = Connect & Engage in Deep Collaboration

In my experience, so many resources go untapped by franchise owners, so this is about getting access to all of them through your field manager to grow.

How Do You Do This?

Connect – The first step, announce your intentions and draw a line in the sand with anyone you have direct contact with about your plans and how you have appreciated and will continue to appreciate their support.

Engage – The second step, bring those same people in on your plans for your business and request their input into your strategies. You are turning the tables as you are getting ‘buy in’ from your franchisor and not the usual other way round that they would be used to. You are changing the psychology here.

Deep Collaboration – The result of the first two steps being a committed ongoing relationship where you involve them heavily and continually in your plans. You are responsive, appreciative, respectful and supportive of them in their efforts.

Adopt this as a culture and attitude within your business and you will reap the rewards. All those other strategies to work on now have a solid foundation for you to implement.

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