Do You Need A Coach For Your Franchise Business?

Well, do you need a coach if you own a franchise business? I know that a whole lot of people will say “No” in being of the belief that their franchisor and field support teams provide this level of support and service. Or if they don’t, they probably believe they should.

But do they?

The dynamic of the relationship between franchise owner and field support manager can be a complex one. I did it for some time and it really can be a challenging task to juggle compliance ‘policeman’ with supportive business coaching and development.

The more I have thought about it since being out of direct field support management for franchise owners, the more I conclude that a coach for many franchise owners is the answer.

In all my years in franchise operations and field support, I only ever heard of one franchise owner who had a business coach. Unbelievably, that is one business out of 600+ franchise businesses.

That just totally blows me away!

What’s Good About A Coach

The great thing about a good coach is that they:
– Are independent (so they are only focused on you and your business growth)
– Serve one person – You (never any doubt about their intention or agenda)
– Are a qualified true outsider (so they can see things you can’t and probably that your field manager won’t either)
– They give you focus (let you know when you are not paying enough attention to the things that matter)
– They hold you accountable for results (make sure you take the actions you need to grow your business)

Why Would You Need One In A Franchise?

Why Not? A relatively small investment to a potentially very significant return.

It just doesn’t make sense to me. We are all after the best possible return on our business – correct?

Forget about the “every top athlete has a coach” example for justification. I see the best in business with either a coach or mentor specifically engaged to take them to the next level and beyond. They plan with them, they challenge them, they confront them to operate better businesses than they could ever dream.

I personally never had a coach or mentor until only 2 years ago when everything changed for me. Now I can’t imagine what I’d be like without one.

Here’s the thing. My coach has a coach, and a mentor!!!!!

Even though they are enormously successful, and multi-millionaires in their own right, they are always looking for guidance to take them beyond their current performance. A coach does that for them.

I’m raising this because I passionately believe it is a very important subject that will contribute immensely to growing an amazing wave of super successful franchise owners.

Franchise owners who don’t just rely on their franchisor for guidance and advice, but instead look at everything around them, for the next advantage and where ever that may come from.

Franchising is fantastic because it’s always an exciting environment with new challenging concepts and cutting edge approaches to everyday problems becoming tomorrow’s franchise businesses. But somehow we then tend to become a little insular and stale and think that we have all the ideas, answers and knowledge we could ever need – so we stick close and only look into the franchise system for guidance and growth.

Look outside the square, I reckon you will be very surprised at the value that a fresh set of eyes and perspectives that a qualified coach can bring to your franchise business.

2 responses to “Do You Need A Coach For Your Franchise Business?”

  1. Peter McLaughlin-- redchip lawyers says:

    I agree Glenn. Sometimes you need someone outside the business and perhaps outside the franchise system itself to look at the business (and the franchisee personally) to offer unbiased and objective advice and to give support from a different perspective.

    • Glenn says:

      Thanks Peter! yes, from an operational perspective we all talk about the field manager being this ‘outside and unbiased’ perspective person – but really that is not actually true as their perspective is very much created by what happens within the franchise system. For best practice, (and the best result) get the input of somebody totally fresh and without agenda on what they are looking at in your franchise business.

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