National Franchise Convention 2010 – Where Were All The Franchise Owners?

I’ve just finished up at the Franchise Council of Australia’s National Convention for 2010 which was held on the Gold Coast.

It was a well organized and great event put on by the FCA, but the biggest question I have from my experience is “Where were the franchise owners?”. Sure there were a handful around, and I mean “a handful” of very keen franchise owners no doubt looking for every advantage they can find to make their business more successful – and power to them.

I Know You Think It’s Not For You

I get the fact that the great majority of franchise owners view the FCA Convention as a ‘franchisor’ event. That was clear to me in my days inside franchise companies as this was often made quite clear.

So for the ‘handful’ of franchise owners that were there, are they the true entrepreneurial types looking to squeeze every advantage that they can get their hands on?

I reckon they must be.

One of the key note speakers Craig Rispin (Futurist), made an observation about the great Steve Jobs of Apple fame, when he talked about innovation and gaining an advantage on your competitors. Jobs said many years ago to a keen group of Apple employee’s “Look at what everyone else in your market is doing – and then go in exactly the opposite direction.” or words to that affect.

What’s this got to do with a lack of franchise owners at a franchise convention you ask?

Well, the Griffith University statistics on franchising presented on day one in their Franchising Australia 2010 research, say that their are 62,000 franchise businesses in Australia.

So my guess is that those ‘handful’ of franchise owners who left behind around 61,950 of their peers by being at the National Franchise Convention are obviously “doing a Steve Jobs”.

Given their commitment to access information on improving their business, my money is on those franchise owners to take their businesses above and beyond.

More later on why I believe you should be pencilling in the next FCA Convention In Melbourne on October 9, 10 and 11, next year in Melbourne!

I’m certain more franchise owners would get value, but even more importantly, you would bring value as well…..

2 responses to “National Franchise Convention 2010 – Where Were All The Franchise Owners?”

  1. Kate Groom says:

    Thought provoking post, Glenn. As I see it, the FCA is making a valiant effort to encourage franchisee participation within the industry body and, while that’s not easy, I tend to think it’s a worthwhile pursuit. I’d like to see more franchisors and franchisees support our community by coming to conference and State events, since this fosters community and helps increase the knowledge of everyone in the sector.

    When it comes to franchisee participation, there’s perhaps a mindset shift that is needed. When franchisees and franchisors see all the answers as being provided by an individual network, there is a roadblock to participation in the peak body. Yet these days, more than ever, we can not have all the answers ourselves.

    I’ve never attended a conference where I’ve failed to learn something new, gain a fresh insight and make a new connection that has delighted or inspired me. It saddens me when I hear people say they don’t see the ROI from these events – after all, in life we get out what we put in.

    I hope the FCA continues to wrestle with the challenges of bringing together franchisors, franchisees, service providers and advisers and fosters the collaboration that will enhance the reputation (and success) of franchising in Australia.

    Best, Kate

    • Glenn says:

      Hi Kate, thanks again for your input.
      Obviously, like you I believe it is very important that the bringing together of franchisees, franchisors, providers and advisers is really important to the sector. I also think the FCA is making a genuine effort to make it happen as I recall that the cost for a franchisee to attend is around a quarter of that paid by franchisors.
      I do know that franchisors pay little attention to encouraging their franchisees to come along by really getting behind it at store level – at least I can speak for the systems I was involved in and those I am in contact with. This may have something to do with the fact that it can sometimes be a challenge to get franchisees to attend their OWN national conference in some systems…WOW! Crazy…
      I personally believe that the “we have all the answers you need within our own system” type of attitude and behaviour, is one of the biggest contributors to holding systems back and reducing return on investment at franchise owner level.
      Collaboration is certainly the key….might see if I can get hold of some stats on attendance to set a target for the next one!
      Thanks again.

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