Undercover Boss Australia – Don Meij Our First Contributor in ‘Shaking The Profits From Franchising’ Book Series

This Monday night coming (18th October at 8,30pm) Don Meij (CEO Dominos) will appear on the Australian version of the hugely popular ‘Undercover Boss’ on Channel 10.
You may wonder why I’m writing to tell you about this. Well firstly, I have a lot of time for Don Meij and his achievements, and particularly the way he runs his company.
Secondly, I’m actually really excited that he was selected to be on the show as he was the very first contributor to the book series I’ve been putting together for franchise owners.
In Buying Your Franchise, Don took on the challenge of contributing his expertise on the chapter challenge I set on ‘What A Great Franchisor Looks For In A Great Franchisee, and I could not have got a better person for the topic.

Don’s is an amazing story with a career path many would dream of, going from delivery driver to CEO of the company. He is at the helm of a publicly listed company that has the rights to Dominos in 5 countries and 800+ locations reaching as far as Europe.
The story of the way he came to contribute to the book says a lot about Don and his company.

How I Got Don To Agree To Contribute

I ‘sounded’ him out through someone I know in Dominos late on a Saturday afternoon.
I expected to wait a few weeks to get some progress on it but I asked my buddy in Dominos “how long do you think it will take before I know?”.
His response “Mate, Don is a machine who works so hard that I’ll be surprised if you don’t get an answer tonight”.

I had an email response later on Saturday evening that Don has agreed to be involved and that he had the following times available next week…..
No mucking around, no delay, just straight to the point.

We set an appointment for later that week and we spent a couple of hours in an interview and we were done! I sent it back to him for pre-print approval and it came back within two days and had just one typo change from memory, and that is it.
He is a very impressive man with an imposing record.

But what impressed me most of all, and the point I’m sure he’d prefer I got across was his passion for his company, and especially for it’s franchise owners. Referring to himself as ‘Chief Enthusiasm Officer’, I have no doubt what so ever that he could talk for days on end about what is great about his company! (and he warned me he could)

Don talks of ‘the Dominos family’ and he also talks a lot about two other key things, fun and profit for all stakeholders in the business. In my brief time with him and all that I’ve heard and seen, they deliver on this.

In franchising, to retain this passion for the business at the level Dominos is at, I think much can be learnt and admired in the way Don Meij goes about his work.

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