Two technology driven effective and proven ways to regularly keep in contact with your customers

These can be utilized whether you are in retail or B2B sales.  With both these methods you’ll need to get permission from your people to contact them in this manner; however, who is going to say no to being contacted with specials to save them money?

Method number one is a mass txt to your data base. Most people have mobile phones these days and most know about texting. Talk to your mobile phone provider about this, you can do a mass txt to your database so it’s really easy for you. Avoid using too many words; make sure you match the size of your txt to the standard size of a mobile screen so they don’t have to scroll down search for your offer. Make it easy for them.

Method number two is to create a regular e-news letter or e-Zine. Effectively you are using your e-mail like a ‘maintenance’ rep subtly reminding your people you’re here and ready to help. If you do this make sure you are very clear on what your benefits are to your customers. Writing a regular e-Zine is a very effective way of keeping in contact with your people. Your e-Zine can be managed through your web site, you can talk to your web designer about how to do that.  Once again, checking in with your franchisor – they may well already have an e-zine or have thought about doing one if they are not already – you could be the test store or business for that!

The great thing about both these methods of contact is that they are going to buyers that are already warm to using you. You will find that your customers will forward these e-Zines and texts onto their friends and others who will be interested. If you do this properly your data base will keep growing giving you more potential customers, it’s the modern day ‘word of mouth’.

Its all about building the relationship with your people and nothing will ever replace the face to face contact, however, both texting and e-Zines are a very, very effective tool to help bring your customer closer to you. Both these methods help remind your people that you are there and also help prompt them to make the decision to buy from you. Your franchisor remember needs to be ‘in the loop here’ and you will find that they will have more resources than you realise to get this happening.

The thing to remember is; if you are not in constant contact with your customers, your opposition may have just joined my Sales GymTM and you can bet your bottom dollar if that’s the case, they’ll end up being in constant contact with your customers.

Vaughan Tombs

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